BR Centre Building Control

BR Centre specializes in automation systems (intelligent buildings), security, burglary and CCTV systems in single-family and multi-family homes, hotels, sports halls and office and corporate buildings.

We provide complete electrical, control, automation and monitoring installations at the stage of building construction as well as during building expansion or renovation.

We use only the highest quality certified materials (cables, etc.) and industrial grade control equipment. This ensures that our systems are very durable and reliable and each installation is covered by post-warranty service program.

For safety reasons, we suggest using only wired installations of automation, control and monitoring. This extends the installation time but our installations are not susceptible to interferences and remote intrusions as in the case of wireless installations. Only if building construction or investor’s guidelines do not allow installation of cables we use wireless solutions.

In addition, the investor is not obliged to use expensive and imposed by the manufacturer electronic light switches. In our installation, you can use any regular wall switches.


Typical components of the control system and building automation are:

  • Temperature sensors in rooms
  • Humidity and barometric pressure sensors
  • Sun and light condition sensor
  • The central module and its extensions
  • Embedded computer for archive (measurements of temperature, pressure, motion detectors)
  • Standard light switches on the walls
  • Integration module for security and video surveillance systems
  • The software on the PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • Modules for measurement and archive of electric energy and water consumption
  • Control modules for shutters and blinds
  • Modules for air conditioners and AV equipment wireless control
  • Lawn irrigation control module


Feel free to contact us. We work with individual customers, developers, designers, architectural offices and construction companies.


Security system entry keyboard
Security London installation

We offer a comprehensive security system installations.

Our security system installation utilizes only the top quality and extremely reliable Satel components. Satel is a world leader in security systems used in critically important installations.


The security system is controlled either via keyboards located close to building entrances or by smartphone application. It can be also armed or disarmed by wireless chip card in your wallet or by a keychain. The security system is connected, managed and utilized by Smart Home system. For example, motion sensors are used to control lights in your home and fire or burglary alarms are used to turn on all the lights. Because security system is constantly communicating with Smart Home system it can notify your smartphone in case of emergency, burglary, fire, flooding or silent alarm.

The security system can also be connected to 24h alarm monitoring services. This allows you to save on building insurance and stop worrying when you’re away.


The security system is constantly exchanging information with the building automation to monitor its motion, fire, smoke and CO sensors. This allows automatic control of lighting in the event of burglary or fire, disconnection of power circuits and notification of the user and services about the existing alarm.

We use only the highest class Satel alarm systems devices.

Among the standard components of the security system, like motion sensors, signalling devices and keyboards, the system can also be extended with proximity card readers.

The alarm system can be easily connected to the monitoring of security services.


Smartphone Control


Whether you’re at home, on vacation or anywhere on the go you can control your Smart Home installation with a smartphone application, PC, tablet or wall switches. All the switch and light configurations, schedules, vacation mode, security system and more can be controlled remotely via the Internet.


Application can be downloaded via Google Play Store

The application is constantly updated and new features are added quite often. Currently, the application allows you to:


  • Internal and external lights
  • Sockets
  • Lawn watering
  • Security system arm/disarm
  • Presence simulation
  • Switches-to-light settings


  • Internal and external temperatures
  • Internal and external humidity
  • Insolation
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Detected movement based on motion sensors
  • Video feed from cameras
  • Power usage
  • Water usage
  • Statistics and archives
  • many, many more…Get it on Google Play

CCTV surveillance system


Security CCTV installation in London
Security CCTV installation in London

Our installation is based on top of the quality Panasonic cameras and recorders. Panasonic is one of the most advanced and experienced CCTV manufacturers in the world. The equipment is very reliable and comes with 3-year warranty. As an authorized Panasonic reseller and service centre we are able to offer the best prices, technical expertise and support during warranty period as well as after manufacturer’s warranty.


Live video from CCTV cameras can be viewed with smartphone and web browser on your PC.
For more demanding users we offer cameras with facial-recognition ability and cameras with pan and tilt motion tracking.

Depending on the needs, the system may consist of:

  • Standard fixed cameras (internal and external vandal-proof and weatherproof)
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras with automatic trespasser tracking or pre-programmed positions
  • Network microphones
  • Network recorders
  • Cameras with motion detection and IR (Infrared) illuminators for dark environments