CCTV surveillance system


Security CCTV installation in London
Security CCTV installation in London

Our installation is based on top of the quality Panasonic cameras and recorders. Panasonic is one of the most advanced and experienced CCTV manufacturers in the world. The equipment is very reliable and comes with 3-year warranty. As an authorized Panasonic reseller and service centre we are able to offer the best prices, technical expertise and support during warranty period as well as after manufacturer’s warranty.


Live video from CCTV cameras can be viewed with smartphone and web browser on your PC.
For more demanding users we offer cameras with facial-recognition ability and cameras with pan and tilt motion tracking.

Depending on the needs, the system may consist of:

  • Standard fixed cameras (internal and external vandal-proof and weatherproof)
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras with automatic trespasser tracking or pre-programmed positions
  • Network microphones
  • Network recorders
  • Cameras with motion detection and IR (Infrared) illuminators for dark environments