Security system entry keyboard
Security London installation

We offer a comprehensive security system installations.

Our security system installation utilizes only the top quality and extremely reliable Satel components. Satel is a world leader in security systems used in critically important installations.


The security system is controlled either via keyboards located close to building entrances or by smartphone application. It can be also armed or disarmed by wireless chip card in your wallet or by a keychain. The security system is connected, managed and utilized by Smart Home system. For example, motion sensors are used to control lights in your home and fire or burglary alarms are used to turn on all the lights. Because security system is constantly communicating with Smart Home system it can notify your smartphone in case of emergency, burglary, fire, flooding or silent alarm.

The security system can also be connected to 24h alarm monitoring services. This allows you to save on building insurance and stop worrying when you’re away.


The security system is constantly exchanging information with the building automation to monitor its motion, fire, smoke and CO sensors. This allows automatic control of lighting in the event of burglary or fire, disconnection of power circuits and notification of the user and services about the existing alarm.

We use only the highest class Satel alarm systems devices.

Among the standard components of the security system, like motion sensors, signalling devices and keyboards, the system can also be extended with proximity card readers.

The alarm system can be easily connected to the monitoring of security services.