Panasonic WJ-NX300/4TB Network DVR H.265/H.264 scalable TURBO-RAID System Recorder with 4TB hard drives

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The WJ-NX300 is a H.265/H.264 high-throughput Network Video Recorder featuring integrated GUI and robust embedded IP security, enabling a secure end-to-end, PC-less surveillance solution for mission-critical applications. Supporting full data encryption streaming recording for all i-PRO Extreme cameras which comply to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards, the NVR keeps your video surveillance secured from spoofing and snooping activities.


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The WJ-NX300 offers easy installation and operation, high reliability and is therefore a cost effective alternative when considering the TCO of your surveillance system.

The PC-less surveillance solution does not require any computer, neither for the configuration of the system, nor for operation. Its very easy setup features automatic Security System configuration wizard. Therefore, users can “Easy Start” the WJ-NX300 within four steps to get the setting of the recorder and cameras completed in just a few minutes from the main display. Due to its two HDMI outputs, the WJ-NX300 enables users to operate all features from the main display without running a PC. The main and sub displays support multi-screen viewing, whereas the main screen supports up to 4K resolution, and the sub screen up to Full-HD resolution.
The image search with thumbnails makes it easy to search and find images within the surveillance data, and due to the high speed copy data transfer speed is 3 times greater than with previous NVRs.

TURBO-RAID functions can ensure reliability of data and high-performance throughput. Also, recovery time in case of a system crash is cut to half the time of a general network recorder.

Moreover, the WJ-NX300 can accelerate data access (reading/writing) by the original file system, therefore efficiently controlling the hardrive.
For stable recording and operation, the NVR is equipped with a momentary power failure resistance, so it keeps working and recording in case of an instantaneous voltage drop within 200ms.

Secure Communication works between the cameras and NVR as well as between the NVR and the applications, delivering a full secure end-to-end solution. It protects devices from cyber attacks and prevents leakage of data on communication networks as well as leakage of the video through password-protected and alteration detection.

The WJ-NX300 is aimed at applications such as Public Safety, Transportation (airports, trains or subways), Banking, Retail, Hospitals, Education, Factories and much more.

Secure & High Compression Recording

  • 16 ch. expandable to 32 ch. camera input
  • Supports H.265 / H.264 mixed recordings
  • 512 Mbps total through put (including 256 Mbps recording bandwidth)
  • Symantec device certificates pre-installed*

PC-less non VMS surveillance solution

  • No camera license fees with a default number of cameras; no annual license updates required
  • Built-in GUI and Dual HDMI (4K / FHD) outputs
  • Automatic camera configuration

Scalable storage

  • (4) integrated drive-bays RAID 1 / 5 / 6
  • External storage expansion up to 132 TB

High reliability and high efficiency data reading/writing

  • Dynamic HDD power management increases HDD life
  • TURBO-RAID for quick RAID recovery without sacrificing recording bandwidth and performance
  • Eco-writing : Acceleration of data access (reading/writing) by original file system
  • Instantaneous power failure measures: Normal operation at instantaneous power failure within 200 ms; safe shutdown at power failure of 200ms or more

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