Panasonic WJ-NX400/42TB TURBO-RAID System Network Disk Recorder DVR with 42TB Hard Drives

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The WJ-NX400 is a TURBO-RAID System Recorder supporting full data encryption streaming recording for all i-Pro Extreme cameras which comply to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards, to keep your video secure from spoofing and snooping activities.


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WJ-NX400 connects up to 128 cameras and combines the simplicity of use and the benefits of IP-based video surveillance system. Moreover, H.265 & monitor output function are supported.

The Network Disk Recorder provides a full-featured IP video surveillance system including live viewing, recording, alarm functions, searching, networking and management. The NVR is aimed at applications such as public safety (cities, roads, highways, ports, transportation (airports, trains, subways), banking, retail and many many more.

Secure high bandwidth recording

  • 64 ch. expandable to 128 ch. camera input. Support H.265 / H.264 mixed recordings
  • 640 Mbps total through put (including 384 Mbps recording bandwidth)
  • Symantec device certificates pre-installed

PC-less non VMS surveillance solution

  • No camera license fees, no annual license updates required
  • Built-in GUI and Dual HDMI (4K/FHD) outputs
  • Automatic camera configuration
  • Sub-stream recording for mobile access and low bandwidth system environments

Scalable storage

  • (9) integrated drive-bays RAID 5/6
  • External storage expansion up to 270 TB

High reliability and redundancy

  • Dynamic HDD power management increases HDD life
  • Redundant fail-over using 2nd recorder to enable seamless mission-critical recording*
  • TURBO-RAID for quick RAID recovery without sacrificing recording bandwidth and performance

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