Panasonic WV-SFV130M Super Dynamic Vandal Resistant Full HD Dome Network Camera

£392.00 (£470.40 incl. VAT)

The WV-SFV130M is a Super Dynamic Full HD Dome Network Camera in a vandal-resistant outdoor camera housing, which offers superior durability and built-in mic for audio monitoring. Its compact size enables inconspicuous installation and makes the camera look unnoticeable in any environment. Its wide-angle imaging of up to 108 degrees horizontal view means more area can be covered with less installed cameras compared to conventional cameras. The intelligent i-VMD function makes active and finely detailed alarm detection possible saving bandwidth and storage space.


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The WV-SFV130M is very well suited for any wide areas like retail, museums and any of the daily sales business places, whereas the equivalent M-model WV-SFV130M is targeted towards on-board installation in trains, buses, etc.

Conforms to the outdoor harsh environment

The WV-SFV130M can withstand severe shock and vibration since these cameras comply with EN50155-T3. Equipped with a M12 connector which can withstand any vehicular vibration, the WV-SFV130M is even compatible with Railway applications since it complies with ECE-R10.

Both models are IK10-rated impact resistant. In case the camera is subjected to mechanical shock, an impact-resistant aluminum die-cast body protects the optical system from the impact.

With a polycarbonate camera dome and aluminum die-cast body, the IP66-rated weather-resistant both of the cameras are ready for mounting outdoor. Due to the cooling fan and heater, the cameras works in temperatures from -40 to +60 degree Celsius.

Equipped with a RJ45 waterproof connector, the WV-SFV130 camera can connect to LAN cable without waterproof tape.

Clear images in a wide range of lighting conditions

Even a single image can include complex lighting conditions such as high brightness, glaring, dark and backlight situations. Incorporating advanced image processing technologies, this camera enables clear and easy identification in a wide range of lighting conditions due to

  • Face Super Dynamic
  • High sensitivity MOS with 3D-Multi process Noise Reduction (MNR)
  • Frequency Divided Filter (FDF)
  • Fog and sandstorm compensation
  • High Light Compensation (HLC)
  • and many more

IP-Network friendly and intelligent

Appropriate-sized video stream is ensured as the WV-SFV130(M) camera saves the network bandwidth, sending out up to four H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams sized appropriately for each device requirement. Due to a higher H.264 compression the saves the network bandwidth and the recorder disk space, keeping high quality of images. As a result, the total cost of ownership is lowered within the whole surveillance system as less disk or cloud storage space is needed.

Furthermore, the camera features our Smart Coding Technology: Group of Pictures (GOP) control removes unnecessary information from the frame for realizing efficient encoding. With the latest bitrate reducing technology, GOP control, 3D-MNR and FDF, this camera saves network bandwidth and recorder disk space.

Equipped with advanced self-learning algorithm and the latest powerful LSI, the SFV130(M) camera provides high detection accuracy with more intelligence. The camera also supports electronic privacy masking. Zones, the masked areas of the image, are easily defined.

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