Panasonic WV-X6531N Weatherproof PTZ dome Network Camera

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40x Intelligent Zoom Stabilization iA PTZ Camera


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Panasonic is introducinga new network camera range, combiningFull HD resolution with the latestSmart Coding technology, capable of significantlyreducing storage and network bandwidth.This weatherproof PTZ dome camera is part of thei-PRO ExtremeCCTV camera platformbelonging to our new H.265 eco system, in addition toourElite Range, which includes the top of the range CCTV cameras from Panasonic. TheElite Rangego beyond traditional surveillance, not only to provide high quality footage, but also cost effective results to help save on the total cost of ownership of the security system.

Panasonic WV-X6531N captures the highest quality images automatically even in very challenging and fast-changing surveillance environments. Outstanding Intelligent Zoom Stabilization to increase visibility under blurred conditions. Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.

Adopting H.265Smart Coding technology, the dome camera intelligently reduces bandwidth efficiency of up to 95%*1over H.264 for longer recording and less storage.

Built-in Vehicle Incident Detection enables theWV-X6531N to identify wrong-way driving or stopping vehicles through video analytic technology and send an alarm to the Video Management and/or Traffic Management System for immediate action. Thisfunction is embedded into thecamera, therfore no additionalserver is required.

Moreover, the application ofClearSight Coatingprovides clearer visibility, allowing good security to be maintained even when the CCTV camera is installed in an environment subject to rain or water splashing. This applicationmakes sure good visibility is kept even when water dropletssplashon thedome cover; in addition the coatingresists the attachment ofdirt, thereforeallowing the dirt to easily wash when exposed to water enablinga clearer view.Our uniqueClearSight Coatingis even touchable, making installation and maintenance easy to handle.

Thiscamera isperfectly suitable for applications like city surveillance, transportation (airports, railway) or stadiums.

Extreme image quality for evidence capturing under challenging conditions

  • Long-distance vision with high power 40x zoom lens and Intelligent Zoom Stabilization for pole mounts on roadways
  • Sharp and clear image of fast moving vehicles with Intelligent Auto and ClearSight Coating
  • Outstanding low light performance in true color with low noise for night time applications
  • Super Dynamic 144dB for backlit situation by headlights and shadows on the streets at night
  • Environmental durability: IP66, IK10, Long life Pan/Tilt gear mechanism, Wide operating temperature up to 60 °C (140 °F) and electric dehumidifier

Extreme H.265 compression with newSmart Coding

  • Longer recording, less storage compared to any H.264 based compression techniques
  • New self-learning ROI*2encoding (Auto VIQS ) dynamically detect motion areas to keep vehicles and human in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth

Built-in Vehicle Incident Detection*3

  • Incident detection: Wrong-way, stopped vehicle with video analytic technology
  • Send alarm to Video Management System and/or Traffic Management System for immediate action
  • The function is built-in the camera. No additional server is required.

The CCTV cameracomes packed with a variety of high quality featurestypically found in high specification models, such as:

  • Full-HD 1920×1080 60fps
  • Intelligent Zoom Stabilization with 40x optical zoom
  • ClearSight Coatingis a special coating applied to the surface of the transparent cover that makes it difficult for water droplets to adhere to the dome cover.
  • Durable Pan/Tilt gear mechanism
  • Intelligent Auto (iA) feature provides increased discernibility even in environments with poor visibility.
  • Extreme Super Dynamic technologies deliver 144 dB wide dynamic range.
  • Color night vision (0.001 to 0.015 lx)
  • IP66, IK10 certified
  • Wider operating temperature range -50 °C to +60 °C

*1Value in advanced mode dependingon the scene

*2Region of Interest

*3Optional software

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